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The spirituality of a sacred month
Deshsangbad Desk
Published : Friday, 10 May, 2019 at 9:50 PM

With Ramadan finally here, the entire atmosphere is filled with a profound sense of spirituality, one that inspires people, and instills virtue. However, this spirituality is often felt and interpreted by different people in various ways, and Star Lifestyle decided to explore just that.

“I feel Ramadan is all about sacrificing, empathising and most importantly, gaining a greater consciousness and awareness of God. It does make me more spiritual. Maybe it’s because of all the Islamic lectures people tune in to around you; maybe it’s because of watching people flock to the masjid every time, or maybe it’s just my upbringing that taught me how special and full of opportunity this month is,” said Tahsin Mostafa, 22.

“Growing up, I’ve always been a practicing Muslim with a strong faith. However, this year, I felt my faith fading. At one point, I stopped praying and stopped believing in things that I once strongly believed in.

“That is until two months ago when I reminded myself that Ramadan is coming up and that it’s the perfect time to bring back the old me. Ramadan has always been a great month for me. Also, I’m always excited for Eid. Altogether, Ramadan also fills a sense of festiveness in me,” said Tashfia Zaman, 21.

“Ramadan brings families together. Usually everyone is too busy to make time for each other, but during Ramadan, they all meet for sehri and iftar. Watching my family unite like that is the biggest miracle of Ramadan,” said Mrs Ahmed, 60.

“I think Ramadan is like seeing a motivational video, or getting immersing in a deep talk regarding religion from your friend, but on a larger and longer scale. Just like all the videos, initially you feel really inspired. But with time, it kind of fades for most of us. Some people are able to stick to the good practices months after Ramadan, and I think that is really laudable,” said Fahim Ishrak, 18.

“Ramadan is the holy month to spiritually cleanse myself. Being a practicing Muslim, I know that the rewards for fasting are immense. So, I’m more motivated to do good deeds, such as giving to the poor, praying more, and reading the Quran more.”

“As a result, I’m more at peace mentally. Moreover, it’s a time to fix your conscience and take responsibility for your wrongdoings, and not blame others. With Eid to look forward to, I just love the whole essence of the month,” said Nazmun Nahar Munmun, 45.


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