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Sing the Song of Life
We want to bring out a future superstar
Kaysar Hamid Hannan, Staff Repoter
Published : Thursday, 21 November, 2019 at 1:16 PM, Update: 21.11.2019 1:24:12 PM

Zafor Firoze

Zafor Firoze

With the slogan ‘Sing the Song of Life', the singing competition ‘MMLIVE-Singers of life 2020’ for the Malaysian Bengali expatriates has begun. Besides expatriates of Malaysia, there will be expatriates from Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand who can participate in the competition. The audition round has been started from 25th October  2019 and the Grand finale will be held on 26th January 2020, with the top 10 contestants.

The Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MMLIVE Zafor Firoze has told us about different perspectives about the competition. The interview was taken by Deshsangbad Staff Repoter Kaysar Hamid Hannan.

Hannan: As we all know you have started a singing competition with the expatriate of Bangladeshi. How do you think such an initiative will be successful when everyone is busy with their schedule?

Zafor Firoze: Although everyone is busy with their work but still one wants to find some leisure time for oneself . And we want to find those talents who utilise their leisure from their busy schedule far away from their home. When we discussed this idea with our team, we got to realize it was not an easy task as in our home country. The reason you’ve already mentioned before that everyone is busy here. Besides, it is not easy to find a musician and music directors here. We had to put everything planned beforehand then jump in the field. But our tough decision was easy to implement with the help of competitors who participate. Already many applications are submitted to us. There are videos of expatriates from all over Malaysia, also from Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. We belief that we will be able to bring out some hidden talents to the entire nation; Those who are actually gems will be convert to jewellery by this hands of jewellers.

Zafor Firoze and Kaysar Hamid Hannan

Zafor Firoze and Kaysar Hamid Hannan

Hannan: Did you find those gems?

Zafor Firoze: We want to give this work to our respected judges and audiences. We believe through their judgment , they will be giving the new future superstar to our beloved country from Kuala Lumpur. Through this competition we want to bring out a future superstar from our Expatriates.

Hannan: How are you selecting them?

Zafor Firoze: We first asked for their song recording with each registration. Those who received YES card their selected video clips where published in our app and YouTube channel by The Board. Audiences are voting for their favourite contestants in the App and channel. Then the Danger Zone begins . Audiences will get 7 days to vote who are in the Danger Zone . From the audiences and the judges votes, 20 people will come out from the Danger Zone to the studio round. Groomers will be grooming competitors in the studio round. By the Studio round votes and judges decisions 10 competitors will go to the final round. In the final round, 10 competitors will sing 10 songs each .

Hannan: Whom are you hiring as artist for grooming the competitors?

Zafar Firoz: our groomer are coming from Dhaka  and from Malaysian film and music industry.

Hannan: Is it your plan to bring out all the talented artists till the grand finale through this competition? Or do you have any other plans for them afterwards the grand finale?

Zafor Firoze: We have a request to media in our country. You already know that most of those who are abroad belong to middle class families .They have to struggle for themselves always. Even if there is a chance of being an artist, those chances are gone in vain due to poverty. He had to choose suppressing his own desire to bring a smile to his family. You will not let the talents lose that comes out through our competition . Keep  some of the lights on for these expatriate talents; So that talent can be flames out .

Hannan: Thank you very much for your time.

Zafor Firoze: Thank you.

Zafor Firoze
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


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